About Us

Getting to know Jeff Bergman and Frank Kovacs, the founders of Blended Light LLC. Affectionately referred to as the "Bearded Bros." by their children, Jeff and Frank first met each other in 2022 and found a common interest in the Lord and in candles.

Jeff Bergman

Jeff is a missionary with International Students Inc. at the (UNK) University of Nebraska at Kearney, NE. Having served as a missionary in Japan for 6 years, he now spends his time helping the international students at UNK navigate their years as transfer and exchange students. He also works full time as an employee at Hobby Lobby, where he first learned about making candles and how much fun that is. He is married with a lovely wife, who teaches Japanese at UNK, and 4 amazing children, the youngest of which helps outside of school time with labeling the candles after they are poured and cooled.


Frank Kovacs

Frank works as a chemistry professor at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. He is also a board member of a nonprofit organization called Zambian Mission Project (MP) which recently established an orphan care center in rural Zambia whose mission is to provide food, shelter, and academic and vocational training to vulnerable and orphaned children. He has always had a strong interest in handmade craft-making and became interested in candle-making after meeting and becoming friends with Jeff. He has been married to a patient and gracious wife for over 30 years and had two children. His youngest, a son also named Frank, helps with candle production.