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Fresh Outdoors Container Candle

Fresh Outdoors Container Candle

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A wonderful earthy smell. Who doesn't love the smell of a fresh rain as it cleanses the air and refreshes you. Take a break on the front porch of a warm spring day just sitting down and listening to the gentle patter of raindrops as they fall on the grass and trees, bringing that unique sense of peace to you. This scent is the best blend of cedar, pine, jasmine, lily and spice.

Made from an all-natural blend of soy wax and beeswax, the beeswax has been sourced locally from here in Nebraska to support local beekeepers. Also, our candles use a special squared wick which is a blend of cotton and paper, is 100% lead-free, and is designed not to curl significantly or mushroom. 3 oz. candles have a burn time of about 15-22 hours, and 7 oz candles have a burn time of about 40-50 hours!

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